action movies, suspension bridges, and… honolulu?!?

Aside from prepping for New York (three more days, eeeep!), I have been spending the last few days catching up with friends and hanging out with the brother.

Last Friday, I went to the theatre for Furious 7 and found out about the popcorn butter dispenser. Like, whaaattt?!? This was a fantastically dangerous discovery for me because 1) I love love love butter, but 2) my stomach will hate me. Right after stuffing my face with butter-drenched popcorn, we went directly for Starbucks because Happy Hour half off frappaccinos. Who could resist. I tried out the new s’mores frapp, which was heavenly, but literally diabetes in a cup. Taking advantage of the good weather and hoping to somehow counteract the junk we just ate (or just trying to make ourselves feel better, heh), we went for a walk along the Sea Wall. There were a couple cruise ships docked by Canada place, and they were gorgeous. They reminded me that my family will be going on a cruise without me in a few weeks. And I am eternally jealous. But it’s all good because I promised myself I will be on one of those ships sometime in the near future.

My friend and I have been wanting to go hiking for a while, but the weather has been so unstable until recently. So Saturday we decided to go to Lynn Canyon Park. I guess I’d barely call it hiking- more like a walk in the woods- because most of it was pretty flat, except for a flight of stairs that very much resembled the Wreck Beach stairs because of the seemingly incessant stairs that left me kind of breathless at the top. My friend seemed completely fine though, so to hide how out of shape I was, I brushed it off and pretended I was as well. My favourite part of Lynn Canyon would probably be the 30 foot pool where visitors sometimes go for a swim when the weather gets warmer. I don’t recall ever swimming in an actual lake/outdoor natural pool so there’s one more thing added to my bucket list!

The following day, I went to the theatres to watch another movie- Avengers: Age of Ultron. This time with my brother, because he had free movie tickets. Plus, free large popcorn and drink! Too bad he didn’t let me add as much butter as I would have liked. But nevertheless, it felt pretty awesome walking in the theatre, indulging on more junk food, and walking out, not having to pay a cent.

After the movie, we went to shop for carry-on luggages because we somehow both don’t have one. We thought it would be a good idea to invest in one anyways because it would be convenient to have one for New York and we’d most likely need it in the future anyways. Having an actual carry-on luggage somehow makes me even more excited for our trip.

That night, I booked another trip with my friend to… HAWAII!! I am beyond excited because 1) this will be the first legit trip (flying to someplace) I am going on with a friend and 2) this is my first time going to an actual “vacation-y” (beaches, palm trees, that kind of stuff) destination for vacation. To be honest, I am actually kind of surprised with myself for booking this trip because I’m usually a very careful person who likes to make sure I have control of everything before I make a big decision like this. It’s going to be a trip on one of the weekends during summer school, so if flights delay, I will need to skip class (but fingers crossed!!). And if you know me, I don’t skip class.
But hey, taking a bit of risk and being adventurous isn’t a bad thing, right?

xo sandra when she wanders

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