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  • The Inbetween Stage

    It has been three weeks and three days since I stepped out of my last undergrad exam and two weeks and two days since I have been back home in Taiwan, in hopes of finally having some time to myself to relax before heading back for grad. But instead, it’s been a whirlwind of emotions […]

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  • My happy place

    After a whole summer and semester (possibly more? I don’t even remember) of not baking, I am finally back at it! It’s one of my favorite things to do, and never fails to put me in a better mood. I am always more excited by the actual process itself than the end-product. Not that the […]

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  • 2016: Goals & Plans

    So maybe I am a tad late on coming up with resolutions and goals for the new year, but hey- better late than never? As the time between now and graduation becomes shorter and shorter, I am continuously faced with the decision of what I am going to do post-grad. It’s basically been the main […]

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  • Late autumn nights

    late autumn nights

    Unwinding by cozying up in my bed with homemade hot chocolate, stroopwafels, and some good ol’ music is becoming a thing. Also, I rediscovered how therapeutic doodling can be. 1) Homemade hot chocolate I justify topping my hot chocolate with lotsaaa whipped cream because homemade hot chocolate is healthier than store bought so it balances […]