Christmas Abroad

It’s Christmas Eve today, and it just hit me that this is the first Christmas I am spending without my family. I am so used to feasting with my family on Christmas Day and basking in fuzzy feels after stuffing myself with way too much food. This year, not only am I spending it without family, I am spending it in a completely new country.
The past few days here have been amazing- I’ve been slowly falling in love with London. From the magical streets lit up with with holiday festivities to the endless restaurants/cafes/bars that have the most killer interiors… so far everything has been a feast for the eyes (and mouth, as I’ve basically been nomming my way through London).
It has also been great catching up with an old friend whom I’ve only gotten to see twice (including this visit) since graduating high school. She’s one of those people I feel like I can just pick up where we last left off, even if we don’t talk much throughout the school year.
I’ve been so happy in the last few days, but this morning I woke up feeling a little empty, a little lonely. I’m spending today and tomorrow inside, just chilling with Jenny, as everything is closed for Christmas. I guess just knowing that people are home celebrating with loved ones make me a little homesick myself.
I’m grateful though. Grateful for the opportunity to have new experiences, grateful for old friends to talk endlessly to. And I’m determined to make the most of the last few days of this year.

xo sandra when she wanders

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