Decemer 31, 2015- Reflections

It’s actually really mind blowing (and kinda scary) when I sit down and think about how it’s already the end of 2015. 2016 is the year I will graduate from uni, the year I thought was still so far out of reach. But I guess that is how it is with everything- high school graduation, getting my drivers license, turning 21, etc.
At the end of every year, I always feel like the whole year’s been a roller coaster ride that’s reached higher highs and lower lows than the previous years, and this year is no exception. I want to say that it’s been the best year I’ve had so far, but I always feel a little nervous saying that because I hope it’s not the best I will ever have.
I still remember exactly one year ago. It was probably the worst New Years Eve I’ve had. I didn’t plan anything because I was feeling down and ended up crying myself to sleep. I’m happy to say that this year, I feel the exact opposite. I feel happy, grateful, and excited for the future.

Here are the highlights of my 2015:
-Successfully completed my ‘hell’ semester of 6 courses
-Traveled to New York with my brother and reveled under the magic of Times Square
-Traveled to Honolulu with Sharon, and discovered my love for hiking (Koko crater will probably be my most memorable hike of the year)
-Fell hard for a boy and got hurt, but discovered a lot about myself on the way
-Met some amazing (and interesting) friends during my internship, people who I usually wouldn’t meet otherwise
-Traveled to London, fell in love with the city while spending my first Christmas away from family

2016 is the year of uncertainty for me, as everything after graduation is still up in the air. I’m hopeful though. Hopeful that as long as I take each day at a time and work hard in everything I do, life will surprise me with good things.  🙂

xo sandra when she wanders

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