detoxing my life through bags: trashbags, teabags, and my favourite drawstring bag

I have the tendency to want to “cleanse” myself of things- thoughts, items, whatever- when I am feeling down. I guess it’s just the feeling associated with throwing away things and letting go of bad thoughts that make me feel lighter and ultimately, happier.

(Did not have a lot of pictures for the post so I guess a picture from Hawaii will do… heh)

The first week back from Hawaii, I haven’t been feeling the greatest, so naturally the urge to detox myself hit. This time I decided to tackle this feeling from different angles- thus, trashbags, teabags, and my favourite drawstring bag.

The first thing that came to my mind was to throw away old stuff because decluttering my space always makes me feel productive. I usually (and still kind of do) have a hard time throwing away stuff because I’m the kind of person who holds on to things too long. Like, this shirt reminds me of the time I went ___! Or, what if I want to look back at this old exam ten years from now?! But this time, I somehow was able to throw away stuff without over thinking. I still feel like I haven’t chucked out enough yet and still plan on doing that soon because honestly, throwing away things I no longer use or remind of me certain things just feels… liberating.

I am a little halfway through my little “teatox” or whatever it is called, where I basically drinking this tea three times a day for two weeks (already cheated a two times because it is so hard to always accommodate it into my schedule!). The tea is supposed to help with digestion and metabolism, and is supposed to give me more energy. I have been eating a lot healthier lately, but I’m not sure whether it is the tea actually doing it’s job or I just haven’t had much of an appetite lately (not that I haven’t been eating of course, but I haven’t been eating much junk because I just don’t crave for any junk food). Whatever it is, my body is definitely feeling a lot more clean and energized, and that always helps with my mood!

Drawstring bag:
Why drawstring bag? Because that is the usual bag I carry with me when I do outdoorsy activities. My trip to Hawaii made me realize how much I really love the outdoors and all I have been wanting to do lately is go traveling. But I obviously cannot go traveling for a bit because I just recently had two trips and 1) cannot afford another one 2) have no time for another one. The closest to traveling is to go on outdoor adventures! I have been trying to go outside whenever I get to (walking to the supermarket instead of busing, going out for walks, etc.) and just living a more active lifestyle. Just yesterday I went indoor rock climbing for the first time in ages (I guess not really outdoors, but you get my drift), and this week I have a bunch of outdoorsy activities lined up I am so excited for.
11270110_10153240624710865_177368534_nSo yeah- I guess “detoxing my life” is my way of coping with crappy feels. It helps rid me of the negative stuff holding me back, and leaves me feeling a little more positive. What is your way of dealing with lifexo sandra when she wanders?


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  1. I just realized why we are such good friends…because we both love the outdoors and travelling (bringing new adventures and clarity) <3

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