Favourite Apps to Order Food for Cheap in Toronto

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Living in Toronto is pricey and constantly eating out takes a toll on your bank account, but with the help of some of my favourite apps, I can order food for cheap, save money, and score some awesome deals! In a previous post, I shared an app that can help you budget and save money on grocery shopping, but in this post I want to share my favourite apps for ordering food.


If you work or live in Toronto’s downtown core, then the Ritual app may already be familiar to you. In a nutshell, it is a app that helps you order food ahead of time so you can pick it up without having to wait in line. It has a point-based system, where you earn points for ordering food (or sometimes completing certain tasks) and trade in points for either a discount or $10 off when you reach 10,000 points.

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Tips on using Ritual:

  • I personally find trading in points more worth it. There are tons of deals where you can trade in 100-250 points to get a couple of bucks off your order, rather than waiting to reach 10,000 points to get $10 off (although that is a satisfaction of it’s one).
  • Ritual occasionally has special weeks with deals, such as ‘Free Coffee Week’ (literally free coffee!), ‘$1 Iced Coffee Week’, etc. My favourite is definitely ‘Eats Week’, when a bunch of restaurants have food up to half off, perfect for trying out new spots!
  • If you work in an office setting, join your company’s Ritual team and take advantage of the ‘piggyback’ option, where coworkers can piggyback off of you (you bring back their food). One piggyback is 500 points, and you can piggyback up to 3 people at a time (that’s 1,500 points!).
  • Ritual has amazing customer service. Just the other day, I was disappointed in one of my orders so I wrote and honest complaint while rating my order. They responded within 15 minutes and offered me 500 points. Now I’m not saying you should abuse their great customer service, but just a cherry on top to this already awesome app!

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Feedback is a socially-conscious app that aims to create less food waste by allowing restaurants to sell food at a discount during slower hours or at the end of the day. Also, it donates a portion of purchases to charities in need, such as Second Harvest, so not only are you doing good, you’re saving money as well. Win, win!

Feedback App Screenshots Save Money Toronto Money Saving Apps Food

Tips on using Feedback:

  • You can order ahead of time, and just make sure you pick up your food within the timeframe to get your discount. Don’t worry, they make your food when you’re there… it’s not just sitting out in the cold for hours!
  • Definitely subscribe to their emails, because every now and then, Josh from Feedback (the founder), sends out deals or coupon codes for things such as $5 off (with no minimum spend!) or a certain percentage off. I’ve literally gotten a Burrito Boyz burrito for $0.24 cents that lasted me a good two meals. Chaachingggg!

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What are your favourite food ordering apps?

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