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Around two months ago, I somehow ended up spending $80 on a single weekly grocery shopping trip. Granted, I did buy a family pack of rainbow trout to store in the freezer, but $80 a week on groceries for one person is a lot. From then on, I started paying more attention to what I put in my grocery basket. Staying healthy and budgeting wisely are both priorities of mine, so when it comes to grocery shopping, I now try to plan ahead.

I’ve heard about the app Flipp, but didn’t downloaded it until a friend recommended it to me recently. I just started using it, but am loving it so far. I used to flip through flyers that come in the mail to see what was on sale that week, but with this app, you can find flyers from different stores all in one place (plus save your hands from getting dry and dirty from flipping through actual flyers). I’m pretty sure Flipp is currently only available in the Canada and US, but hopefully they expand in the future!

flipp phone app grocery shopping save money coupon

The app allows you to select favourite stores and and save items to your shopping list, which is super convenient when you are at the store. It’s also perfect for comparing prices between different stores before heading out!

flipp phone app grocery shopping save money coupon


Now onto what I bought on this week’s grocery shopping trip:


healthy grocery shopping list misc fruits orange strawberry bananas grapes

I looooove fruits and can snack on them all day. Bananas and clementines are staples for me every week because bananas are the perfect pre-workout snack and clementines are so convenient to bring to work.

Pro tip: buy a few yellow bananas and a few green bananas, so by the time you’re done with the yellow ones, the green ones are freshly ripened!


healthy grocery shopping list vegetables veggies

Don’t worry… I have leftover veggies in my fridge so these are not the only vegetables I will be eating this week.


healthy grocery shopping list misc protein eggs salmon fish

Salmon is my favourite fish, so I had to pick some up since they were on sale this week!


healthy grocery shopping list misc carbs pasta sweet potato

Restocked on pasta because I was running low but wanted to cook pasta for this week’s lunch.


healthy grocery shopping list misc coffee pasta sauce

My everyday coffee finally went on sale! I had to drink the office’s coffee for the last few days (which isn’t bad, but I prefer having my coffee before I leave my place) because I was out, but I wasn’t willing to buy it when it wasn’t on sale.


Aaaand… that’s all I bought! What are some of your staples when grocery shopping? 🙂

xo sandra when she wanders

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  1. Bananas, eggs, pasta, and pasta sauce are staples for me too!! And ramen lol

  2. Abby says: Reply

    I currently have a meal plan on campus, but next year I look forward to buying my staple sweet potatoes, chickpeas (for homemade hummus), bananas, and fresh green beans! Your post makes me so excited for grocery shopping!!

  3. Flipp is such a great app for helping you save on your regular grocery shopping! I am also a huge salmon fan 😀

    Britt | http://alternativelyspeaking.ca/

  4. Maikel says: Reply

    Grocery shopping is one of my favorite things! Wholefoods is my fave on earth

  5. This was a cool post! Loving that app, haven’t heard if it before 🙂

    ♥ Jasmin N
    // Little Things With Jassy

  6. I love grocery shopping but lately, my prices have been creeping up. Especially last week but I did buy a lot of meat and cheese etc so that’s bound to happen. I’ll try and reign it in next week.

  7. Analesha says: Reply

    What a great idea to post about shopping. This app also looks super helpful. Grocery shopping for me is super stressful with the two kids following! X

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