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I have a not-so-secret secret that I am super excited to share. Not really a secret because I’m sure a good handful of others have found this life hack already but for those who have not, here it is: shop at the kids section at Zara!

This started a while back when my friend and I were fooling around at Zara and decided to try on this adorable fur vest from the kids section, only to realize that they fit perfectly and look absolutely amazing on. The largest size fits those who are 164cm tall (around 5ft 5″), which is basically my height.

I was at the mall today scouting around for some winter pieces (because gurl the weather here is getting chiiiillllyyy) and decided to wander to the kids section again. I surprised myself by actually finding more pieces I loved from the kids section than from the womens! I definitely got some weird looks when I tried on a couple of coat by the mirror, but hey- everything was so cute and the prices are seriously so good. I got a faux seude coat that was very similar to one I saw in the women’s section for pretty much a third of the price. The women’s coat was definitely a bit thicker material, but they give off the same look.

I did a bit of calculation beforehand to know what to expect at checkout, but to my surprise the total came out less than I thought. I looked at the receipt and realized the tax was only 5% (I live in Ontario, where I usually pay 13% for sales tax). Naturally, I searched it up and realized that kids clothing does not get taxed the 8% of the Ontario portion. Kaaachinkkk! 🙂

xo sandra when she wanders


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  1. Yesss!!

  2. The Zara kids section is a gem 🙂

    1. ^_^

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