Raiding Mom’s Closet | My Fave Plaid Shirt

mom's closet plaid shirt spring style

One of my favourite things to do back home is to raid my mom’s closet (hi Mommy if you’re reading this!)– it’s kind of like thrift shopping, but for free. A good portion of my wardrobe consists of my mom’s old clothes, including some of my most well-loved clothing pieces. Among these pieces, one of my favourites is this twenty-plus-year-old plaid shirt.

mom's closet plaid shirt spring style

I actually found this shirt back in high school in a to-be-donated pile of clothing and snagged it up just in time. That means that I’ve been wearing this shirt for seven years now! I barely have any clothes left from high school because my style has evolved a lot since then, but for some reason, I’m still very attached to this shirt.

mom's closet plaid shirt spring style

I love the earthy colour palette and little tree (they’re trees…right??) stitchings. The shirt is colourful enough to stand out but the tones are muted enough to blend well with the rest of my wardrobe. This is one of my go-to pieces to throw over a simple white tank in the spring/summer.

mom's closet plaid shirt spring style

mom's closet plaid shirt spring style

I feel like raiding my Mom’s closet is such a little kid thing to do. You know… like playing dress-up to feel all grown-up and everything. But who cares? With the way fashion recycles itself, I always manage to find something I love. 🙂

xo sandra when she wanders

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  1. Hi cutie : ) “thrift shopping but for free” #preach haha

  2. Haneef says: Reply

    I had the biggest obsession with plaid when I was younger! It can make for a really chic look when paired with the right pieces 👌🏾

  3. That shirt is super cute and gorgeous! I should wear plaid shirts more often (thanks for reminding me that they exists haha! 🙂 )

  4. My mum never had anything I’d wanted to wear hah 😀 that shirt is so cool!

  5. Love your outfit ! Especially shirt ! Great post !

  6. Plaid shirts are a classic! It’s cute that you can give pre-loved clothes across the generations!

  7. Its always fun to borrow someones pieces. This shirt looks great on you

  8. The shirt looks adorable! and there’s nothing wrong with recycling 😛 It gives you a unique touch of clothing which is a win win situation

  9. YES I love plaid shirts! They’re always better older, when they are softer and have that aged look. I stole one from my best guy friend and it’s one of the softest shirts I own. Love it!

  10. I have a blue/green plaid shirt that I ADORE! The older they get, the more comfortable they are 🙂

    Britt |

  11. SofarsoSabine says: Reply

    That blouse looks so cute. It’s so Scandinavian!

  12. Kiki says: Reply

    This looks so cute ❤️

  13. It is a beautiful shirt!

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