How I Stay Happy and Motivated

how to stay happy motivated

Happy Spring everyone! It’s a bit hard to believe that a quarter of the year is already over. 2017 has been treating me pretty well so far. There’s been a bumps in the road here and there, but overall, my happy-streak has been pretty consistent. Hopefully your year has been just as great, but if not, maybe my tips on how I stay happy and motivated will help you out as well! 🙂

1. Look Forward To Everything

I’m the person to go to if you’re wondering when the next long weekend is or if it’s going to be sunny/rainy next Wednesday (fyi Toronto babes, if you’re reading this before April 5, it’s supposed to be sunny!). I have most likely been counting down to the next long weekend since the last one ended, and I check the weather forecast just a bit too much. It’s not that I don’t like work and only want holidays, but constantly having things to be excited about and to look forward to makes it that much easier to get through those extra long weeks. Making plans with friends (or even with yourself!) is a great way to fill your calendar with things to look forward to as well!

2. Enjoy The Little Things

If there are cupcakes at work (aka last Friday!! :D), my day is instantly made. If it’s surprisingly sunny and warm out, you’ll probably see me stupidly smiling to myself while walking outside. I know the whole enjoy the little things saying is such a cliché, but honestly, it’s these little positive reminders throughout the day that make me feel all happy, warm, and fuzzy inside! 😀

3. Set Goals

Setting goals is super important to me because working on and bettering myself is something I can take complete ownership of. The sense of accomplishment that comes with achieving a goal is one of my favourite feelings because you have every right in the world to feel proud of yourself! I currently am working on budgeting and fitness goals (thinking of signing up for my first half-marathon this year!), but your goals can be anything from learning something new to doing something out of your comfort zone.

4. Stay Active

I can’t recommend this enough. Apart from the obvious health/physical benefits you all know about, regularly staying active does wonders for your mental health. Whether I’m stressed, sad, or angry, a good gym session never fails to put me in a better mood. Staying active also makes you feel good about yourself, which in turn gives raises your confidence levels and helps you stay motivated. If going to the gym is not your thing, there are plenty of other options—go for a jog, pick up a sport, or go for a hike!

5. Adapt a Positive Mindset

Something I constantly remind myself when things go a wrong is to do my best for the things I can control, and to let go of the things I can’t. This has become sort of a motto for myself and has helped me get through a lot of things. If there is something you aren’t happy about but have the ability to change, then try your best to do it. If you’ve tried your best and there’s nothing else you can do, then there’s no point in dwelling on it.

What are some of your ways to stay happy and motivated? 🙂

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  1. Looking forward to enjoying the little things during out trip!! I also like to set goals to keep myself motivated, especially smaller goals that lead to a bigger goal!

  2. These are all great points – Staying happy is about making the choice each day to be happy, and doing so through actions like those you listed! I am a huge fan of goal setting, I love the feeling of accomplishing things that I set out to do!

    Britt |

  3. Kari says: Reply

    I think enjoying the little things is so big. We take the simple pleasures in life for granted! Great tips…thanks for sharing!

  4. Peter Minkoff says: Reply

    Inspiring and motivating! Thank you for sharing it!

  5. You’re so right about letting go of things that you cant control and make most of the things you can – I remind myself of the same thing and its such an important one.

  6. Enjoying little things is essential! This was such a great post 🙂

  7. It’s not always possible to stay positive. But on a bad day, I always think; this day will pass too. And enjoying the small things in life, deff works!!!

  8. Such a nice, happy and motivational post. You are right, it’s important to stop and take notice of smaller things and enjoy them 🙂


  9. oindrila98 says: Reply

    Couldn’t agree more to this. Lately I have been trying to find happiness in little things and believe me, it’s made such a difference to me. My mood is always positively active these days. 😃

  10. Yes I agree with you. I love positive messages and that is what I blog about. There are good and bad days but you can always find good things in every single day.

    Sheri –

  11. Maikel says: Reply

    These are some great tips! Staying motivated is so important

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