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  • 2016: Goals & Plans

    So maybe I am a tad late on coming up with resolutions and goals for the new year, but hey- better late than never? As the time between now and graduation becomes shorter and shorter, I am continuously faced with the decision of what I am going to do post-grad. It’s basically been the main […]

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  • Late autumn nights

    late autumn nights

    Unwinding by cozying up in my bed with homemade hot chocolate, stroopwafels, and some good ol’ music is becoming a thing. Also, I rediscovered how therapeutic doodling can be. 1) Homemade hot chocolate I justify topping my hot chocolate with lotsaaa whipped cream because homemade hot chocolate is healthier than store bought so it balances […]

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  • Annnddd… I’m back!

    rainy day

    I’ve been gone for almost four months from this blog… ooops. But I’ve decided to come back because blogging helps me document moments and sort through my thoughts. Which is important when the dreariness of the Vancouver rainy season gets to me. I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with winter. For starters, I don’t like […]