ready, set, go

Yesterday afternoon, I booked my first trip of the summer- this girl’s heading to New York City next Thursday! Other than the time my mom woke me up one morning, telling me to pack up ‘cuz we’re flying to Hong Kong in a couple of hours, this is so far the most spontaneous trip I will be going on. Whenever I plan a trip that requires leaving the city I’m residing in, I’m used to booking it and having all the details planned out well in advance. But here I am, feeling all grown up from spontaneously organizing my own little vacation (plus filing taxes for the first time this morning!).

Aside from taking naps at ridiculous hours, I have been spending the majority of my time scrolling through places to visit, foods to eat, things to do- all with a heart filled¬† with anticipation and excitement. New York has always been one of the top places on my bucketlist of things to do/places to go before I graduate. It’s a place I always hear stories about, see pictures of, and somewhere you kind of just have to visit when you’re in North America because, heck, it’s New York City!

So, I guess that’s it- in a little over a week, my brother and I will be wandering through the bustling streets of Times Square, waving at the iconic Statue of Liberty, and taking in the breathtaking view of the New York skyline from the Brooklyn Bridge.

Here’s to a new blog, new adventures, and one hell of a summer break.

xo sandra when she wanders


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