unchartered territories: first meetup

One year ago, I thought to myself– just a few more months and I’ll be out of here. Living in a new city, starting fresh, and building the life that I want.

And here I am! In Toronto, starting fresh, but definitely not living the picture perfect scenario I planted in my head while daydreaming away in my little dorm back in Vancouver. You’re probably not very surprised, and honestly, neither am I.

Other the than obvious struggle of job hunting (which I am still in the process of doing), the one main struggle I’ve been dealing with is loneliness. As an introvert, online articles tell me that I am supposed to ‘like being alone’ and all that crap. I mean, sometimes I do, but more often than not, loneliness gets to me. Introverts like company too, okay? I moved here knowing I would have a few acquaintances, but nobody I felt comfortable enough to hit up anytime I wanted to.

Yesterday, I finally mustered up the courage to dive into unchartered territories and attended my first meetup, in an attempt to make new friends. It was a casual language/cultural exchange meetup at the second floor of a bar. Not going to lie, I stood across the street for a good fifteen minutes, pretending the text on my phone while peering up and mentally debating whether or not I should just turn around and head home instead.

But guess who made it? Guess who?!? ME, that’s who! (be proud of me, please)

The meetup itself was fine- I met some interesting people (a guy knew how to speak 20 languages!), talked to a good handful of people, and decided to call it a night. I didn’t exactly make any deep connections, but hey- it’s a start, right?

Just like most social situations, it was definitely not as intimidating once I was actually there. If nothing else comes up, I decided to attend next week’s meetup and see how the second time round is. Wish me luck!

xo sandra when she wanders

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