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I visited Montreal this past long weekend and can safely say I spent a good 65% (minimum) of my time stuffing my face with deeelicious food. The food scene here definitely did not disappoint so I wanted to share my favourite eats from this trip. If you’re looking for food recommendations in Montreal, here are some awesome spots to grab a bite:


spanel montreal crepe creperies french brunch lunch savoury crepe prosciutto buckwheat crepe foodie restaurant cafe cute

Spanel is a cute little creperie located in Griffintown that serves up all sorts of gourmet crepes. We went for lunch so I opted for a savoury crepe – the La Petite Italie (prosciutto, goat cheese, sundried tomatoes, and arugula). The buckwheat crepes were perfectly cooked; they had a nutty flavour and was extra crispy on the edges. They were extreeemely generous with the toppings, almost to the point where I thought there was too much, but who am I to complain about extra prosciutto.


foiegwa brunch spaghetti truffle french cuisine montreal food smoked salmon rosti french toast must eat coffee cafe restaurant

Two words – Must. Visit.

Foiegwa was definitely the highlight food experience of this trip. We went for brunch and everything from decor to service to food was A+++. You HAVE to order the butter and truffle spaghetti. It is topped with a runny egg yolk and a generous amount of parmigiano reggiano, making for an extra rich, creamy, and flavourful dish. Spaghetti for brunch might sound strange, but trust me, this dish is pretty damn life changing. The french toast and rosti (potato patty) with smoked salmon were delicious as well. Legit drooling and dreaming of this meal while I type this.

Au Kouign Amann 

(Sorry, forgot to take a photo of our food here…)

This little bakeshop offers a selection of french baked goods. I can’t remember the exact price of the baked goods, but I do remember they were quite cheap compared to what I’m used to in Toronto (they only accept cash though!). We shared an almond croissant, which was good, but the main star of the show was the kouign amann (hence the name of the shop). They’re perfectly flaky, buttery, and had just the right amount of sweetness… I could definitely use one of these right now.


schwartz's schwartzs deli smoked meat sandwich montreal must eats food

Schwartz’s is a deli known for their smoked meat. It’s a classic spot to visit in Montreal so I wanted to give it a try. The smoked meat sandwich is piled with so much juicy and tender meat that I just used a fork to eat it. Definitely work the visit, but would recommend sharing with a friend because it is quite salty.

St-Viateur Bagel & Cafe

st viateur breakfast bagel montreal bagel coffee smoked salmon fruit what to eat cafe

Montreal is well-known for their bagels and the St-Viateur cafe is the place to go, whether you want a nice sit down breakfast or if you just want to stock up on some delicious wood fire bagels (may or may not have gone twice and done both). Head there early in the morning or face a long lineup. The bagel breakfast I ordered came with a coffee and fruit cup, along with fresh pesto sauce to spread on my bagel.

Olive & Gourmando

montreal breakfast cafe bakery old montreal old port panini where to eat restaurant coffee Olive & Gourrmando

O&G is a cafe/bakeshop in Old Montreal with a wide selection of baked goodies as well as a sit-down menu. My friend raved of how good the panini here is, so we decided to split a one. The panini was sooo crispy on the outside, which paired perfectly with the ooey gooey cheese on the inside. Definitely did not disappoint. I wish I was able to try more of their menu (it was the last day so my stomach was stuffed + I’ve done enough damage to my wallet…) but from sneaking peeks at what the tables around us ordered, everything looked amazing.

If you’re planning on going to Montreal anytime soon, hopefully you’ll check out some of these places. I promise you won’t regret it. 🙂

montreal where to eat must eat french crepe bagel

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  1. So sad I didn’t eat the paninis 🙁 FOIEGWA WAS THE BOMB!!!

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